Where are Priner's shares traded?

Priner’s shares are traded on the São Paulo Stock Exchange – BOVESPA under the code “PRNR3”, admitted to trading on the Novo Mercado, which represents the most advanced level of differentiated corporate governance practices.

What is Corporate Governance?

Corporate governance is the set of practices that govern the way in which companies are managed and monitored, comprising the relationships between Shareholders, Board of Directors, Board of Directors, Independent Audit and Fiscal Council. Good corporate governance practices aim to strengthen the company’s growth strategy and contribute to its perpetuity.

What are dividends, and when are they paid?

Dividends represent the amount of money distributed to the shareholders of a company (corporation). The value of dividends is proportional to the amount of shares owned and to the profit obtained by the company in the previous financial year. According to the Corporations Act, shareholders are guaranteed a minimum dividend of 25% of the net income calculated in each fiscal year provided there is a positive balance in the accumulated profit/loss account.

The Company is obliged by the Brazilian Corporate Law and by the Bylaws to hold an Ordinary General Meeting until the fourth month following the closing of each fiscal year in which the shareholders will have to decide on the distribution of an annual dividend. The payment of annual dividends is based on the audited financial statements for the immediately preceding fiscal year. Under the Brazilian Corporate Law, the annual dividend must be paid within 60 days of its statement, unless the resolution of shareholders establishes another payment date that, in any event, shall occur before the end of the fiscal year in which the dividend has been declared.

If I don't receive a dividend payment, who should I talk to?

You should go to one of the branches of the depositary bank, Banco Itaú, or call the Shareholder Service Center:

Capitals and Metropolitan Regions: 11 3003-9285

Other Locations: 0800 720 8285

Office hours are on weekdays from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

How to invest in stocks?

Before looking for a Stock Broker, it is suggested that you study the subject on the Bovespa website. Contributing to the beginner’s learning, the São Paulo Stock Exchange has developed a Basic Course on the Stock Market. There are three distinct modules, which still bring exercises for you to test your knowledge. Click on the links below and check out

After that, the next step is for you to look for a StockBroker. Brokers and other financial intermediaries have professionals focused on market analysis, sectors and companies, and with them you can learn about the right time to buy and sell certain shares for better results.

You can also trade stocks via the Internet. To do so, you must be a client of a Bovespa Broker who has the Home Broker system, which allows the trading of shares via the Internet. Check out the list of Brokers that offer Home Broker.

How and where does Priner disclose your information?

All relevant facts, disclosure of results and other communications to the Medial market are disclosed simultaneously on the CVM/Bovespa and in the investor relations area of the Company’s website (ri.priner.com.br). You may also receive such information via e-mail. To register, click here.

The full financial statements are published annually in the newspapers Diário Oficial do Estado do Rio de Janeiro and Monitor Mercantil. Quarterly financial statements, press releases, presentations, relevant facts and notices to shareholders are available in the investor relations area of the Priner (ri.priner.com.br). Further information about the Company can also be obtained from the websites of the São Paulo Stock Exchange (www.b3.com.br) and the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (www.cvm.gov.br).

How can I contact Priner's Investor Relations Area?

Investor Relations
Avenida Geremário Dantas, 1400 – 2° piso (Lojas 249 A 267)
Freguesia – Jacarepaguá
CEP 22.760-401 Rio de Janeiro | RJ Brasil
Phone: +55 [21] 3544-3100
Email: ri@priner.com.br

How can I track Priner's share price?

Priner’s share price may be tracked in the “Investor Relations” section on the company’s website (ri.priner.com.br) or through B3’s own website (www.b3.com.br).